This is a collection of talks, spiritual thoughts and other items that started out in two, very large white binders that I lugged around my mission. If you find something you like or if you've got something you think would be a good addition to the site, please let me know. Enjoy!

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The Marriage Covenant

Several weeks ago the impression came to me strongly that I was to deliver to the members of the wards in the stake an explicit message about the meaning of the covenant we undertake in connection with temple marriage.  At one time, I proposed within myself to put it off until Fall Semester when I thought it would be more appropriate, as more members would likely be present.  However, it was made clear to me that no postponement was in order.

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The Meaning of the Atonement

One day I was riding along with President Widsoe in charge of the European missions, I thought this was my chance to ask Brother Widsoe all those questions that had been on my mind since a little boy. So I asked him, "Why did Jesus have to suffer on the cross?"

He said, "Who told you to ask me that question?"

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An Encounter in India

He was a little taller than my waist and very dark skinned.  He was also thin as a bone.  I noticed that his little arm was only about as big around as my thumb.  My heart went out to him and I gave him another 10 rupees which he gladly accepted with a smile then caught my eye and motioned for me to look at his feet.  I was shocked...

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Ten Things Not to Do on Your Mission (That I Did on Mine)

This is an open letter to Derek: 10 things not to do on a mission, that I did do on mine. To the relief of many—and disappointment of others—I won’t include winking at women or sampling the local wines, though some might say the mistakes I made were just as grave.

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