An Encounter in India

[Letter from my father to Veena Vadini – Children & Women Education Welfare and Development Society]

26 July 1994

P.O. Box ____ Andersen Air Force Base
Yigo, Guam 96929

Veena Vadini
Children & Women Educational
Welfare & Development Society

Dear Ms. __________,

Your most welcome letter and photo of 1 July 1994 arrived yesterday and I feel to thank you heartily for your efforts to find this young boy so that he can receive the help and treatment he needs. It has been so long since I first tried to locate an agency that could try to find this boy that I had begun to despair that he would not be able to be found, but your photo confirms you have found him and I offer my most sincere and heartfelt thanks. God bless you for all your efforts to locate and offer help to the needy.

I have enclosed a check for $___ as a start to help this boy get the medical attention and other help he needs. If there is a better or more convenient way for me to send you funds, please let me know. I want to help rehabilitate this boy in every way I can and ask that you please let me know what type of financial or other help I can offer. As you let me know what is needed I will do my best to see the necessary help is forwarded.

Thank you again for all your good work. It was thrilling to receive your letter and discover you were able to find this suffering boy.

May God bless all your good efforts and thank you for letting me help with your work.

Yours very truly,

Lieutenant Colonel, United States Air Force

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