An Encounter in India

[Letter from the Asia Area Presidency to the President of the newly formed India Bangalore Mission]

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Office of the Asia Area Presidency
__________, Central, Hong Kong

July 6, 1993

President __________
India Bangalore Mission
Bangalore 560 038

Dear President __________:

We enclose a letter from Lieutenant Colonel __________ of the United States Air Force who desires to give assistance to a boy he met at the Agra train station. Colonel __________ gives a very tentative diagnosis of the boy’s condition as being possibly a protein deficiency.

I am not aware of any missionaries in Agra, but Colonel __________ has offered money and assistance if we can find the boy and do something to get him treatment. Perhaps your couple in Delhi could investigate for you and try to extend Colonel __________’s offer to assist this boy. We realize, as Brother __________ expressed, that there are tens of thousands like him, but this man came across his path and he wants to help. If we cannot help, could you have your Delhi couple see if there is a charitable organization that could help.

Please let Colonel __________ know what you decided to do and give him a report. Allow him to provide money to help and use fast offering funds for basic help for this young man. Send us a copy of any letter you write to Colonel __________.


Asia Area Presidency


cc: Lieutenant Colonel __________

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