The Meaning of the Atonement

Now I close. You may be already beginning to understand this beautiful doctrine, the foundation of which President Kimball was talking about in priesthood meeting; the intelligences of the universe, the fact that their honor of God is what makes Him God, the fact that if he lost their confidence he would cease to be God. These are basic doctrines of the restored Gospel. As it says in Jacob 2, why don't we talk about the atonement more? We talk about the resurrection, why don't we talk about the atonement? I think we all agree we don't talk about the real basis of the atonement. We talk about it as a proven fact without ever reaching out and saying, "Heavenly Father, I think I understand just a little." I think. I understand.

I don't know what it does to you, but it has made me love my Heavenly Father like I've never loved Him before. I've learned to love the Saviour, Jesus Christ, like I've never loved Him before, now that I know what those two wonderful people did for me and you and my children and all the people in this world and the planet on which we live. All these beautiful things that he has blessed us with, would have all been destroyed and lost if those two people hadn't done what they did. I love them for that. And I bear witness to you, my brothers and sisters, from the depth of my heart, JESUS is THE CHRIST. We have a Father in Heaven who loves us. The Atonement is real, the Atonement is effective. The Atonement works, there is a resurrection. There is forgiveness of sin. And though our sins may be as scarlet, if we truly repent, we can be restored and taken back to our Father in Heaven cleansed like white snow, which is Isaiah chapter 1.

And I pray to our Heavenly Father that He'll help us so we wont let Him down, so that we won't betray the Christ that well be good missionaries; that we'll spread this great message to our neighbors, that we'll take every precious child of God, wherever we find him, fellowship him, and follow those thirteen wonderful steps that were outlined here. They're beautiful. That's the way to reach our Father s children. They deserve every blessing and advantage that we can give to them and we must lead wisely and carefully. We mustn't shock them, we mustn't move faster than they are willing to absorb it. But for every soul that is saved, our Heavenly Father will bless us beyond any measure we've ever dreamed of.

And I thank you for inviting me to speak tonight to you, and the sweet spirit that's been here, which you brought with you, and which our Heavenly Father blessed with. I'm grateful for that.

Now as I leave this lovely valley, I'm taking some very happy memories with me. I have had some wonderful folks taking care of me while I've here. And I'm going home rested, which is unusual. We shall try to return in October.

And so may I just leave my blessing with you and a prayer for both you and me, that we may be worthy of the Atonement of Jesus Christ and the Gospel which he has restored for our salvation. That is my prayer.

In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


Scripture References

1.  2 Nephi 2:14 – something to act and something to be acted upon

2.  D&C 93:29 – intelligences have always existed

3.  D&C 93:30 – intelligences act when they are ready

4.  Abraham 3:19-23 – intelligences are not equal, God is the most intelligent

5.  D&C 93:33 – element is eternal

6.  Abraham 4:10,12,18 – elements have intelligences
     Helaman 12:8,9 –            "                         "

7.  Jacob 4:6 – intelligences will obey God's commands
     1 Nephi 20:13 –         "                               "

8.  D&C 29:36 –
     Moses 4:14 –             The source of God's power
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9.  Alma 34:9 – once we are on the earth, God doesn't have the ability to
     2 Nephi 9:9 – bring us back again. Heavenly Father can't help us out

10. Alma 34:11 – no person can suffer for the sins of another person

11. Alma 34:15 – intelligences have a capacity for compassion—Atonement is based on sympathy, mercy, justice

12. D&C 45:3 – mercy overcometh law

13. D&C 19:15-19 – THE ATONEMENT

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